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  • October 14-16, 2015 Thematic school on Contact and Symplectic Topology (Orsay, France)
    This thematic school is aimed at mathematicians from other specialties as well as PhD students and young researchers in contact and symplectic topology.
    Contact: Frédéric Bourgeois

  • October 7, 2015 Mini-Workshop on Symplectic Geometry (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
    This mini-workshop is aimed at researchers, Ph.D. students, and advanced master's students working in symplectic geometry and related areas. Speakers: Leonid Polterovich (Tel Aviv), Alexandru Oancea (Paris), Barney Bramham (Bochum), Sheila Sandon (Strasbourg). Organizers: Oliver Fabert (VU Amsterdam), Fabian Ziltener (Universiteit Utrecht)
    Contact: Fabian Ziltener

  • September 2-4, 2015 Summer school "String topology and rational homotopy theory (University of Hamburg)
    This is a short summer school with lecture series by Richard Hepworth on "String topology and classifying spaces" and by Alexander Berglund on "Rational homotopy theory of mapping spaces". There will also be daily question and answer sessions. Deadline for registration is July 24. Some funding for housing of PhD students available.
    Contact: Tarje Bergheer, Janko Latschev, Birgit Richter

  • 28 Sept - 01 Oct 2015 Stein manifolds, Contact Structures and Knots (CIRM (Marseille, France))
    One of the underlying themes of the developments alluded to above consists of various kinds of homology theories obtained as infinite-dimensional analogues of Morse homology, constructed using pseudo-holomorphic curves or solutions of various kinds of PDE's on smooth manifolds. One of the homology theories with the largest number of applications to low-dimensional geometry and topology is Ozsváth-Szabó's Heegaard Floer homology. In this workshop, Matt Heddenwill give a series of lectures describing some of those applications. Until very recently, all the applications of Heegaard Floer homology have been in dimensions three or four. One of the latest very interesting developments is the announcement by Vincent Colin of an extension of Heegaard Floer homology as a homology theory for contact manifolds of arbitrary dimensions. Vincent will give a series of lectures on this exciting new work. Last but not least, one of the fundamental open problems in contact topology, i.e. the existence question for contact structures in arbitrary dimensions has just been solved by Borman, Murphy and Eliashberg. Emmy Murphy will give a series of lectures on and around this amazing result. The workshop will host a limited number of graduate students and recent post-docs, providing board and lodging. Limited funds to cover some travel costs are also available, although the organizers encourage prospective participants to look for alternative sources in order to cover travel expenses. If you are either a graduate student or a recent post-doc interested in this workshop, please apply for board and lodging -- specifying whether you need travel support -- by sending an e-mail to the organizers using the address: Please include: an up-to-date curriculum vitae; a short letter of recommendation from your thesis advisor if you are a graduate student; a list of preprints and publications if you were awarded a Ph.D. in Mathematics in 2011 or later.
    Contact: Paolo Lisca, Andras Stipsicz

Preliminary announcements

  • October 18-24, 2015 Workshop on almost hermitian and contact geometry (International Mathematics Conference Center in Bedlewo near Poznan, Poland)
    Organizers: Thomas Friedrich (Berlin), Ilka Agricola (Marburg), Aleksy Tralle (Olsztyn) The scientific focus of the workshop is on the interactions of almost hermitian geometry and metric aspects of contact geometry, and their applications in mathematical physics. Invited speakers: Indranil Biswas, Gil Cavalcanti, Marisa Fernandez, Andrew Dancer, Hansjorg Geiges, Christina Toennesen-Friedman, Adriano Tomassini, Robert Wolak
    Contact: Aleksy Tralle

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