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Conferences sponsored by CAST

  • 21-25 July 2014 Rigidity and Flexibility in Symplectic Topology and Dynamics (Lorentz Center, Leiden, The Netherlands)
    In this workshop we plan to focus on some high interest problems and new applications of symplectic and contact geometry. Exemplary for the type of questions we hope to address during the workshop are recently discovered symplectic flexibility phenomena, deep novel connections between symplectic topology and quantum mechanics and applications of symplectic and contact topological techniques to the existence of periodic orbits of Hamiltonian systems.
    Contact: Federica Pasquotto

  • July 28 - August 1, 2014 Contact Geometry in Dimension Three and Higher (University College London)
    This is an international workshop aiming to bring together researchers and students working in contact geometry and related areas in symplectic topology, including topics such as pseudoholomorphic curves, h-principles, confoliations, symplectic dynamics, mapping class groups, and Stein manifolds. While the majority of local results about contact manifolds known thus far are specific to dimension three, recent years have also seen considerable progress in higher-dimensional contact topology, and this workshop specifically aims at introducing high-dimensional techniques to participants who might be more familiar with low dimensions, or vice versa. The programme will be a mixture of ordinary research talks with more in-depth minicourses on topics of recent interest.
    Contact: Chris Wendl

  • August 25 - 29, 2014, Precourse August 23+24, 2014 SFT VII - Function Theory on Symplectic Manifolds (WWU Münster)
    The topic of this workshop will be Function theory on symplectic manifolds. It focuses on the study of rigidity phenomena taking place in function spaces associated to a symplectic manifold. These spaces exhibit unexpected properties and interesting structures, giving rise to an alternative intuition and new tools in symplectic topology. There is a wide variety of surprising and deep applications such as to Poisson bracket rigidity and, more generally, $C^0$-symplectic topology, quasi-states, Hofer's geometry and Lagrangian knots. In addition, Function theory on symplectic manifolds opens up a prospect of finding footprints of symplectic rigidity in quantum mechanics, a brand new playground for testing and applications of "hard" symplectic methods. Leonid Polterovich will give five lectures on the topic. This will be complemented by about 10 lectures by various speakers on related topics. As usual the workshop we preceded by a precourse.
    Contact: Peter Albers

  • 22 - 26 September 2014 Symplectic Techniques in Topology and Dynamics (University of Cologne)
    This workshop will bring together researchers working in dynamical systems, symplectic geometry or celestial mechanics.
    Contact: Hansjörg Geiges

Other conferences

  • June 2-6, 2014 GESTA 2014 Summer School (ICMAT-MADRID)
    This workshop will be held this year in Madrid, and the attendance is open (no registration fee). It will have the format of a small Summer School. All courses will be taught in English. Limited funding for graduate students will be available. Three mini courses will be taught during this workshop on topics covering the different aspects of symplectic geometry in a wide sense: - Miguel Abreu (IST-Lisbon): Kaehler geometry of toric symplectic manifolds in action-angle coordinates (4 hours) - Eva Miranda (UPC) and Geoffrey Scott (U. Michigan): Symmetries of symplectic manifolds with singularities (3 hours) - Anna Rechtman (U. Strasbourg): TBA (3 hours) Additional talks by: - Marta Batoréo (IMPA) - Roger Casals (ICMAT) - Álvaro del Pino (ICMAT) - Basak Gurel (U. of Central Florida) - Emmy Murphy (MIT)
    Contact: Fran Presas

  • 1-5, September, 2014 Geometry and Dynamics of Foliations (ICMAT-MADRID)
    This workshop is devoted to the study of all aspects of foliations (geometrical, topological, dynamical and analytical), as well as more general foliated spaces, and their connections with other theories. This includes generalizations of foliation problems to the case of non-integrable systems (contact, symplectic and Poisson structures, confoliations, Engel and Goursat structures), and also group or pseudogroup actions. This event is a continuation of a series of conferences on foliations organized in recent years, the last ones being the following: CRM, Barcelona (Spain, 2010), Lodz (Poland, 2012) and Tokyo (Japan, 2013). All researchers working on foliations and related topics are welcome.
    Contact: Eva Miranda

  • September 1-5, 2014 Conference "Loop spaces in geometry and topology" (Nantes)
    There will be up to 5 three-hours mini-courses accessible to non-experts, followed by a few talks dealing with more recent developments.
    Contact: Hossein Abbaspour (Nantes)

  • 29/09/2014-03/10/2014 Clay conference on Symplectic Topology (Oxford)

Preliminary announcements

  • March 23-27, 2014 Symplectic and Contact Dynamics Workshop (Tel Aviv University, Israel)
    The goal of the workshop is to bring together leading experts in symplectic geometry and topology, as well as promising students and young researchers, in order to explore recent major developments in symplectic and contact geometry. The workshop will be a mixture of ordinary research talks together with more in-depth mini-courses that will be given by Barney Bramham (Ruhr-Universität Bochum), Viktor L. Ginzburg (University of California, Santa Cruz), and Sheila Sandon (University of Nantes).
    Contact: Mr. Carl Sperber, Conference Coordinator

  • July 28 to August 1, 2014 Workshop on Contact Geometry in Dimension Three and Higher (University College London)
    This workshop will be a mixture of ordinary research talks with more in-depth minicourses on recent developments, including courses on "Flexibility in contact geometry" (Patrick Massot and Emmy Murphy), "Intersection theory of holomorphic curves and applications" (Richard Siefring and Chris Wendl), and "Orderability and Rabinowitz Floer homology" (Peter Albers and Will Merry).
    Contact: Chris Wendl

Past conferences

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